The Washoe County School District sent out an email warning parents about a party that happened on May 22nd while students were on their lunch break.

The email says that this house is located across from McQueen High School, and that students were recorded visiting the house.

It adds that there is evidence of alcohol and drug use along with alleged sexual acts.

The district says although the house is within walking distance from the campus it is out of their jurisdiction.

A letter sent to parents says Reno Police responded to a reported party on Wednesday, May 22nd.

It says quote, "The extent of your child's involvement is unknown, but I implore you to have a conversation with your child about no longer going to the house."

The district declined to respond further on the incident.

But a resident in the area says they often see kids going in and out of the house through the garage.

We will continue to update you as we gather more information.

“Parents/ Guardians/ Families,

Your student was attending a party that was reported at lunch in a house across from McQueen High School on 5-22-19. Reno Police responded to a call and many of the students did not make it back to campus on time. 

This house has become an issue and is being investigated. The school is tracking down the homeowner to alert them to the situation with the renters. 

Since this is an off campus location where the school has no jurisdiction, our approach has been monitoring and recording students that are repeatedly visiting the home during lunch. There is evidence of alcohol and drug use and alleged sexual acts. 

The extent of your child’s involvement is unknown, but I implore you to have a conversation with your child about no longer going to the house.

Reno police have responded to the house several times as well as emergency services.

Our intention is to keep your kids and our students safe!”

Michael McMurray

Dean of Students, McQueen High School