The Reno Fire Department recognized a local teenager for his safe bike habits.

To show its appreciation, the fire department asked Kiwanis to build a bike for 15-year-old J.J. Garcia.

They surprised Garcia at the fire station with a bike and helmet, Wednesday afternoon.

This comes after RFD rescued Garcia from a drainage ditch near Evans Creek on May 17.

Garcia said he was  biking on the trail, when his tires started to slip. He said the bike started going down a hill then was caught in a bush, and he flipped off of the bike into the ditch. His leg was hurt at the time, and he couldn't climb out.

Fire crews say they extracted Garcia using a prototype specialty UTV. Officials say the rescue was faster than if they would have used any other type of equipment.

The Reno Fire Department Fire Chief, Steve Siebert said, "It's actually designed for these big national fires that we have but it's also easily used in these back country situations or the county trail systems we have in the city of Reno."

Garcia said his injuries wasn't major. He said he rested his leg, then felt better after a few days. Officials it was a good thing he was wearing a helmet at the time.

Garcia admitted he forgot his helmet initially before he rode the trail, but called his parents to bring him one once he realized he forgot it.

After receiving the new bike and helmet, Garcia is filled with gratitude and wants to encourage others to be safe when riding a bike.