The path to success for our Someone 2 Know began in service to others.

Before coming to Reno and eventually running an auto empire, Sandy Pearce Raffealli lived and worked in an impoverished community in Oklahoma.

While career has changed, her heart for social work never wavered.

Sitting alongside her daughter, Lydia Meyer, reminiscing about fundraising campaigns and grandchildren, it's easy to see what's important to Sandy;

"I think how we treat people is number one."

Raffealli's business is built on that philosophy - and it works. 

Life-long employees and generations of repeat customers at all five Bill Pearce Motors dealerships in Reno - are proof.

Daughter Lydia, who - along with her husband - also work for the company, says her mom has “Sandy Magic”; "Whatever she wants to do she just puts her mind to it and get it accomplished."

Like becoming an integral part of the business her dad, Bill Pearce, originally refused to let her join. 

But Sandy’s work ethic prevailed, and still does to this day.

Enjoying a good laugh, Sandy remembers a moment not too long ago; "I have one manager who says I never thought I’d be afraid of a 4'11" older woman."

Recently Raffealli was nominated by local dealers to be Nevada’s 2019 candidate for TIME Dealer of the Year.

Sandy did not win, but was inspired by the recognition;

"There were two women who were nominated. The year before there were four women, so we are making our way into the car business,” she smiles.

From car giveaways to donations of time and money, Sandy graciously shares her success with dozens of charities and causes.

This year Raffealli is being inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Nevada Women's Fund, a group that's been near and dear to her heart for 30 years;

"There are a half a dozen of them that I've always said - for like 20 years - when I grow up, I wanna be just like her,” she laughs as she tells is, “And it's a thrill to be included in their ranks now."

Included on the long list of groups receiving support from Sandy Pearce Raffealli - are The Boys& Girls Club, The Domestic Violence Resource Center And The Reno Philharmonic.

The Nevada Women's Fund banquet to honor Sandy is the afternoon of May 23, 2019