It might be the middle of May but we still have a ton of snow up in the mountains. Even more snow is possible this week. A winter type storm is not rare this time of year. On average Tahoe City sees its last snow day May 8th. The latest snow ever recorded at Tahoe City was on June 6th, when four inches of snow fell back in 1995. More than half of the past one hundred years Tahoe City has seen at least an inch of snow in May. It can happen in Reno too.

“I think it was around Father’s Day, if I associate with that. That was several years ago, so this is kind of late for us,” said Carolyne Strelo-Smith. 

It’s also not that rare for temperatures to fall below freezing in May. Some years in Tahoe City, each day of the month was below freezing at some point. Even Carson City has experienced low temperatures below freezing for much of May. Each year is different, but one thing is for sure spring is known for its up and down weather. 

“I don’t have my winter stuff out so I’m going to have to break all of that out again, that will be great,” said college student Alexandra Brown.

What makes this storm a little bit different is the duration of the cooler weather and the amount of moisture. It could last for a week or so. Luckily, the recent warm weather will keep the snow from sticking during the day, but if you have any travel plans you’ll want to avoid driving at night. Totals will be hard to predict, because the roadways are still warm and the snow will melt fairly quickly during the day.