The Reno-Sparks Association of Realtors has released this year’s April report for existing single-family home sales in the area.

In April, Reno sold 357 single-family homes which reflects a five percent jump from last April and a 25 percent increase from March of this year.

The median sales price for a single-family home in April was $400,000 which is a four percent increase from last April.

For Sparks, there were 162 single-family homes sold which showed a seven percent increase from last April and a five percent decrease from March 2019.

The median sales prices for homes in Sparks during April was nearly $340,000 which shows a five percent decrease from last April.

Shannon Dubose's house in south Reno has been on the market for about four weeks now and her asking price for the home is $467,500.

“When your house first lists, you do get all sorts of people requesting showings because it's brand new on the market and everyone wants to see it and you're really excited thinking,  great some offers are going to come in," says Dubose.

Since that hasn't happened yet, and the offer her family made on a home in Las Vegas is contingent on them selling this house, she says she's had to stay patient.

“Just waiting for the right buyer to walk through the house who decides they have to have the house,” says Dubose.

Patience however can be the toughest part for a buyer or seller in this market. Realtor Justin Hertz says that people are going to have to get used to being patient since the housing trend doesn't seem to be changing all that much.

“We have limited supply and high demand, interest rates are very low and favorable and a ton of growth in northern Nevada,” says Justin Hertz, a realtor with the Keller Williams group.

As a result, Hertz expects the median home prices to continue to climb this summer. So he says buyers need to be ready to put their best foot forward.

“If you're bidding on a property that is attractive, and attractively priced you're going to be in a competitive situation where you're probably up against multiple offers,” says Hertz.

Then for the sellers like Dubose, he says it's important to remember that despite the busy housing season kicking off, your house might not sell right away as more inventory hits the market.

“You're probably not going to put your house on the market and have multiple offers within three days,” says Hertz.  “The average days on market, depending on price point, tends to be 30 to 45 days."

Hertz says in the coming years there could be a softening of the market where we start to see price reductions and homes listed for longer periods of time, but he doesn't expect to see any type of bottoming out in our near future because of the high demand we're still experiencing.