Carson City Public Works received a five thousand dollar grant from Domino's as a part of their Paving for Pizza campaign.

Domino's gave the grant to one city in every state, but that wasn't actually the original plan.

"Initially, Domino's came up with the idea and it was to do ten cities," District Manager for Domino's Roger Coffey says."But the response was overwhelming so they decided to do one city per state."

Carson City Public Works Director Darren Schulz says the five thousand dollars was spent on gravel to fill potholes. He says that will buy enough gravel to fill about 150 potholes.

Schulz says potholes are always an issue because of the weather in northern Nevada. He says in fact, the public works street division spends most of their time repairing roads.

He says this grant accelerates the process of filling potholes, which could save the city money in the long run. That's because potholes tend to grow quickly with wear and tear from weather.

"The longer they go [unfilled], the bigger they get," Schulz says. "The more spalling you have off, the pothole gets bigger and bigger, deeper and deeper, and before long you can do some real damage to vehicles."

Schulz says when choosing potholes to fill, they try to balance residential and industrial areas with need.

Students from Mark Twain Elementary School got to see a couple potholes filled near their school.