A jury in Reno on Thursday decided to reinstate a death sentence for a convicted murderer who tried to appeal his earlier conviction. 

67-year-old Tracy Petrocelli stood from his wheelchair but showed no reaction to the unanimous verdict in support of his execution.

Petrocelli was convicted of murder in the 1980's. He's been on death row for 34 years.

Earlier, public defenders told jurors Petrocelli should spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole after a U.S. appeals court ordered resentencing based on violations of his rights during the penalty phase of his original trial.

They say he's changed in the three decades since he was convicted of murdering the owner of a Reno car dealership in 1982 just months after killing his girlfriend in Seattle.

A prosecutor says Petrocelli is the same evil man who also murdered a Californian in 1981. He says death is the only appropriate punishment for the most heinous crimes.

The case went to the jury in Reno shortly before noon.

A federal appeals court two years ago upheld Petrocelli's conviction but ruled his rights were violated during the penalty phase of his trial.

A jury found Petrocelli guilty in 1982 of killing a Reno car lot owner, months after Petrocelli killed his girlfriend in Seattle.

Petrocelli also was convicted of murdering a man whose body was found in 1981 near Barstow, California.

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