Every year the V&T Railway starts the season with special Mother's Day trains to Virginia City.  They run on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, leaving the Eastgate Depot in Carson City at 10 a.m. each morning.

"When moms get there with their families there's going to be special pastries, mimosas for the adults, coffee, tea and orange juice for kids," said Molly Ellery with V&T Railway.  "Then you will board the train.  It's an hour-long excursion to Virginia City, it's narrated and you're going to see some really amazing things along the way."

Guests ride aboard 100-year-old Pullman coaches pulled by a diesel locomotive for the trip through the Comstock.

"On the way up to Virginia City you're going to travel through a couple of historic tunnels, you'll see some old mines, and there's a good chance you'll see some wild Mustangs; they've been out and about," Ellery said.  "The scenery is gorgeous and the Virginia Range - you can't beat it on any other train ride."

Families will have a couple of hours to spend in historic Virginia City.

"We shuttle you from the Train Depot to the city so you don't have to trek these hills and you spend about three hours in Virginia City," Ellery said.   "You shop, you explore, you dine  - there's tons of stuff to do in Virginia City.  Then we take you on back and you're probably going to see some amazing things on the way up and on the way back."

The train has been popular with families that want to do something a little different for Mother's Day.

"The typical Mother's Day experience is you go to brunch, maybe you do a spa day, and that's all amazing but maybe after ten or twelve years you want something a little different," Ellery said.   "This is an experience and adventure for the entire family.  The kids can't get away from you, they're engaged with you, they're not on their phones so it's great family time experiencing something in Nevada that a lot of people don't get to do."

More information: www.vtrailway.com