Our Someone 2 Know performed his first magic show when he was just 12 years old. Decades later Krendl has evolved into a world class escape artist - who pushes his physical and mental limits - at every show.

The Death Drop is just one of the many acts that performer - and escapist - Krendl has mastered.

But there's a part of his act that is no illusion at all. 

Krendl's escape from the ‘water torture cell’ - made famous by Houdini - is entirely real.

"You see me go in the water, there's no tricks or mirrors, there's no curtains in front of me, so you get to be in that moment,” explains Krendl.

For more than three minutes, Krendl holds his breath while bound, shackled, and submerged in water upside down.... in a box narrower than a telephone booth –

Until he frees himself.

"I don't recommend this for anyone, by the way but uh - You Tube videos were my friend, like; 'how to hold your breath' …I just started researching how to hold your breath,” laughs Krendl.

Things got serious and the performer began working with a team of professionals; "They spent extra time with me teaching me the physiology - in your body." And watching him to make sure he didn’t drown.

Krendl staged his first magic show when he was just 12 years old and still remembers the sixth grade teacher who supported him; "Those kind of moments, when I look back, I now see why that path of magic kept increasing and becoming more and more of my life."

Now performing to audiences that fill large showrooms, Krendl says their energy feeds his; "Because it's not about the tricks, it's not about the magic, it never was-"

It's about connecting to people, says Krendl.

And - he's first to admit, the near-death adrenaline rush is pretty cool, too.

"It's kind of a sick line,” he chuckle, “Between healthy and not, but I'm here to dance that line.”

Krendl is appearing in The Illusionists Experience at the Eldorado showroom in Reno (at THE ROW)... Tuesdays through Sundays - and yes, he does the water box escape at every show.

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