It was a bright, sunny day on Monday, April 29, in downtown Reno. But on top of the Eldorado Resort Casino's parking garage, a woman was experiencing her darkest hour.

"I just thought that this was something that you would want to video tape, one way or the other," said Mark Salvo, a Sacramento area resident who was visiting Northern Nevada last week.

Salvo caught a dramatic scene unfold from his hotel room. On the garage below, a woman was contemplating taking her life. 

"At times she was leaning over the edge like she wanted to go," remembers Officer Sean Moran, with Reno Police Department. "At the end, we reached an understanding that she was going to come down."

Officer Moran negotiated with the woman for nearly three hours. When she decided to not jump, Officer Moran gave the woman a hug. 

"I actually asked her that," said Moran. "I said, 'not if, but when you come down, may I give you a hug?' She said 'yes.'"

That powerful hug was captured on camera by Salvo. 

"I think the emotion that you can see at the end there is a human tale," Salvo said. 

Police are armed to keep us safe, but sometimes a hug and a friend is all you need.

"I never thought that I saved her life," said Moran. "I think she saved her own life. I think I just helped her realize that she really didn't want to do that. I don't feel like I saved her life."