May is Bike Month and Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance, along with RTC, are offering a wide range of cycling activities. 

The public is invited to dust off the bike and ride instead of drive this month.

“We also want people to get out of their cars and help our air quality, and doing that gets less people driving, it helps with our congestion, and it helps increase our air quality," said Planner for RTC Rebecca Kapuler.

To prepare for the extra bikes, RTC has some new safety improvements on more than 40 busy intersections.

“We have added some green paint to enhance where conflict zones might be for drivers and bicyclists," said Kapuler.

These are designed to let drivers know where bikes are more likely to be and show where the lane is.

“The first time I saw the green zebra stripes in the bike lanes, I was absolutely stoked," said Kurstin Graham, Manager for the Reno Bike Project. “As a bicycle rider, when I see those green stripes, I know that's a place for me and I also know that when I see the broken green stripes that that's a place where cars can be there too."

The RTC also has a few recent installations to help keep your bike in tip-top shape.

“We have 2 bicycle repair stations, they are free to be used and they all different tools attached to it that people can use to fix their bike," said Kapuler.

They are partnering with Reno Bike project on the 13th where two mechanics will teach the public how to use these stations and fix problems on their own.

The Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance has events all month, including the Reno River Roll this weekend! For a full list, you can click here.