Another presidential hopeful made a stop in Reno on Monday. Eric Swalwell visited the Democratic Party of Washoe County's headquarters.

“I promise to host in the United States a new climate summit,” said Swalwell during his speech. Climate change was one of the subjects U.S. congressman and presidential candidate Eric Swalwell addressed during his campaign stop in Reno. “I’m generationally optimistic. I believe that innovation can solve a lot of our problems in healthcare, the environment and education,” said Swalwell.

Bruce Porter was one of those who crowded into the back room of the Democratic Party of Washoe County's headquarters. “I’ve heard more about Booker and Warren in the news than I have of Swalwell. So I want to hear more about what the lesser candidate has to say,” said Porter.

Even voters who followed Swalwell along the campaign trail learned more about his views. Such as that he is in favor of universal healthcare and gun control. “I like the point where he talked about employers helping employees with their debt once they get their jobs,” said voter Barbara Deavers.

Swalwell also spoke on an issue that hit home with Porter, federal marijuana legalization. ”I want to have a country where it is legal everywhere and patients can benefit when they are suffering,” said Swalwell. He also took time to take on current U.S. policies. “First day of the presidency, I will get rid of the Department of Justice policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted,” said Swalwell.

He also addressed what he's hoping to do while he is still in office, following the Mueller Report summary by Attorney General William Barr. “We need to impeach and remove Barr before we hold the president accountable. But you'll send a message to the president that he is not above the law. We are going to move on his Attorney General. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is also getting pretty close,” said Swalwell.

This was Swalwell's second campaign stop in Nevada. His first stop was in April at UNLV.