A man who killed five people is asking the Nevada Supreme Court to throw out his death sentence.

The Nevada Court of Appeals has to decide whether the District Court erred in several areas.

One of the reasons his attorneys say the death penalty should be removed is because he has a low intelligence level.

31-year-old Jeremiah Bean was found guilty in August 2015 of murdering five people in Lyon County in May 2013. 

His attorneys also say there should have been a change of venue for Bean's trial.

Other issues include testimony about his drug use.

His attorneys say the court admitted his juvenile convictions during the penalty phase and excluded mitigating evidence.

They also argue that the jury may not have properly considered a life-sentence.

They say the court erred in all of those areas.

Bean went on a killing spree in May of 2013.

A jury found him guilty of 12 counts.

Those included the first degree murders of Bob and Dorothy Pape, Angie Duff, Lester Lieber and Eliazar Graham.

Once a person is sentenced to death, the appeals process automatically starts.

Overturning the death penalty is very rare though.

Along with those arguments to change his sentence to life in prison, his attorneys also argue that the death penalty is unconstitutional.