She's a local girl through and through; born and raised in Reno, a graduate of Reed High School and daughter of local business owners (Bizarre Guitar)... now Natalie Moore is headed to Hollywood to put her acting skills to the test.

She's been performing on stage for six years - and is in love with acting.

But it wasn't love at first sight for the actress. 19-year-old Natalie says it was her mom who challenged her; "I actually lost a bet with my mom, kinda like a bet. She told me 'you won’t do this thing' and I’m like 'watch me.'"

It was a live, performance showcase - and Moore says the experience lit up something inside her.

“‘Cause I’m a super anti-social human as Natalie, but being able to play somebody else, I was like, I can really work with the audience, I can make them laugh - and feel something.”

Most of Natalie’s acting experience has been on stage - at Bruka Theatre in Reno and some at Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.

It was recent work on a local film called “Dirty Blood” that inspired her to write a movie of her own; “It’s called “Time Away”, which I did with a filmmaker here called Andrew Arguello.”

Natalie spent last summer training with a sketch comedy troupe and school called The Groundlings; ”Which is an improv school out in Los Angeles. Will Ferrell all the SNL people studied there.”

After she finishes her current run in the play “The Crucible” at Reno’s Bruka Theatre, Natalie heads to Hollywood to train at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre. Making the big leap thanks to support from her family and taking a cue from her always enterprising mom.

“I think that's super inspiring to grow up with, seeing that. If you want to do it - just do it. There's no excuse.”

“The Crucible” is playing at the Bruka in downtown Reno through May 18th.

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