The Washoe County School District held its annual Employee Recognition Awards on Tuesday night.

“I was still in shock. I didn't know what to do. I thought about my little kids that left out of school today saying they hope everything goes well. I could just see their 21 little faces smiling and hugging me when I left school today,” said  first grade teacher Connie Hall. She is one of nine winners of the Washoe County School District Employee Recognition Awards on Tuesday evening. Six employees and three schools were given awards for being the best at what they do for the district’s students. “I get to go tomorrow and share this with them,” said Hall.

Winners of the best elementary, middle, and high schools are selected from videos made from each school. “They talked about why their school was so great in the videos. It was tough but you kind of got to nail it down. There were some great videos,” said WCSD Superintendent Traci Davis.

Individual nominees have to work for the district for 5 years. Recommendations for each award are made by co-workers, parents, and students. “Nominations coming from our students, families, and colleagues is important because that is where all the magic is happening.  That's where all the stories of the difference being made can be told and recognized,” said WCSD Chief Human Resources Officer Emily Ellison.

The nominees are narrowed down to 3 finalists. At an award ceremony the candidates are brought up on stage to recognize all their hard work. The winners are then  announced and given an award. But whether they win an award or not, the thought is appreciated.  “Things they do every day affect our kids in many ways.: academically, socially, and emotionally,” said parent Lindsey Batavia.

“I put 150%  in everything. To see that someone recognized it, makes me feel extra special,” said Hall.

2019 Washoe County School District Award Winners:

  • Guest (Substitute) Teacher- Lana Marazzo
  • Professional & Technical/Psychologist Employee- Rick Martin
  • School Police Officer- Lafayette Webb
  • Educational Support Professional- Jan Comphel
  • Certified Employee- Connie Hall
  • Licensed Administrator- Jonna AuCoin
  • Elementary School Of The Year- Rollan Melton Elementary School
  • Middle School Of The Year- Pine Middle School
  • High School Of The Year- North Valleys High School