This Saturday, the Nevada chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is holding its annual Vision Gala to raise money for diabetes research. Through the years, JDRF fundraisers have  raised millions of dollars for the cause.

"This is something that's been going on for more than 20 years and raised more than $16 million," said Mark Krasner of Blanchard, Krasner and French.  "And we're going to keep raising money.  "We're going to eradicate this disease; we're in the home stretch and have to get it over the finish line and with the Reno community, we can make that happen."

The law firm of Blanchard, Krasner and French is the drink sponsor for this year's event.  They've partnered with Mt. Rose Drinks to come up with a couple of themed cocktails for the evening.

"We have the Levine lemonade,"  Krasner said.  "It's blood orange, lemonade and vodka and it's named after Dr. Levine who discovered insulin can be used to help treat diabetes.  The other drink is a mouthful it's called a Basal Bolus Basil Mimosa.  Basal Bolus provides intensive insulin therapy to those suffering from diabetes and this is champagne, jalapeno peach mango and basil."

The goal of JDRF is to eradicate type one diabetes.  The money raised at these events provides funding for that research.

"We're so appreciative of all the residents of Reno that get behind this," Krasner said.  "So many people share the philosophies of our law firm, which is to give back to the community; to earn, learn and return to make Reno as great as it possibly can be."

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