Every quarter, a group of local women get together to help local nonprofits.
Northern Nevada native Mignon Lagatta started the Reno Chapter of Thank You Ma'am a little more than a year ago.

"I met another real estate agent in Seattle who had started a group there and the idea resonated with me," Lagatta said.   "I'd always wanted to give back, and with a busy schedule, a business and being a mom this was an easy way to give back to Northern Nevada."

The group meets at the Grove in South Reno three times a year.

"Each woman donates $100 and they bring the name of a nonprofit they want to donate to," Lagatta said.   "We collectively vote on it, and to date we've raised just under $20,000 for six local nonprofits."

One of the recipients is Project 150 Reno, a nonprofit that helps homeless and displaced high school students - giving them a place where they can get clothes, shoes, toiletries, and school supplies - all at no cost.  They're operating out of a brick building behind the Bridge Church in Southwest Reno.

"The Bridge Church has given us this old parsonage to use as our boutique," volunteer Susan Dake said.  "It's bright and cheerful and the kids can come in and shop.   The clothes are arranged in sections for boys and girls; there are shoes, accessories;  it feels like they're going shopping in a store."

Project 150 Reno takes all kinds of donations - and there's always a list of things to buy.

"Things like underwear and socks," Dake said.    "And toiletries - deodorant is our first request, lip balm is second,  and body wash is third and we have to buy that.  If we get money, we'll buy shoes and en's clothing.  Men don't turn over their clothes as often as women do so we're always low on men's clothing."

Every donation helps - and Thank You Ma'am is dedicated to making a difference one nonprofit at a time.

"There's no shortage of nonprofits here," Lagatta said. "Especially the nonprofits with no federal funding, that's what we're dedicated to making a difference with."

Thank You Ma'am meets tonight at the Grove in South Reno and they're always looking for new members.