For some businesses, Eastertime means ramping up production. For the Atlantis bakery team and Sierra Nevada Chocolate, that production increase means more sugary treats.

The Atlantis, like many resorts, host an annual Easter Buffet. Executive Pastry Chef Kayline Johnson says for this event, they get up to 1,400 attendants. Most events have one dessert per person, butt for a buffet, they need to at least triple their production.

They start months in advance, but it's not because of the number of treats they need. It's for the desserts that are truly pieces of art.

"Making the displays, the show pieces, like two months before or a month before," Johnson says. "As soon as we possibly can. The show piece here (giant egg in a vine), it would probably take about forty hours total, maybe a little bit longer.

The team of 24 bakers is also making dessert and bread for 12 restaurants for Easter, so it's one of the busiest times of the year.

"Sometimes it's just like, how do we do it?" Johnson says. "But every time we just pull it off."

Sierra Nevada Chocolate put out Easter products about three weeks ago. Owner Carol Reitz says Easter is one of the busiest holidays.

"Valentine's Day is our biggest holiday, Christmas as well as Halloween," Reitz says. "After Easter it's on to Mother's Day."

While they have standard treats like chocolate bunnies, eggs and crosses, a lot of their business during the holidays comes from personalized orders. Reitz expects to be busy Saturday, because some people always tend to procrastinate.

"We always get the last minute people coming in," Reitz says. "So tomorrow will probably be a busy day for us, the day before Easter."

Sierra Nevada Chocolate will be closed on Easter like many businesses around town, so take care of shopping before Sunday.

Reitz says the Easter products will be gone come Monday.