Reno Police say the Toyota SUV that was pulled from Virginia Lake Tuesday was stolen. Somehow the car ended up in the lake on Monday night. 

Witnesses told first responders they saw the car go in the water, but didn't know if anyone was inside the car when it hit the water.  

"Our officers arrived on scene, thought there might be somebody still in the vehicle, so they actually made entry into the water, which was quite deep, looked through the vehicle but couldn't find anybody," says Officer Travis Warren with the Reno Police Department.

The Sequoia SUV was in enough shallow water that crews could get to the sunroof but didn't find anyone inside so Hasty divers were called in to help.

When it pulled out of the water, the SUV showed a California license plate and two women were seen searching through items found inside the SUV. 

There's no immediate word on why the SUV ended up in the water in the first place. 

"Obviously we've opened a case to look into those details further and so once we know more we'll be able to share that information," says Warren.