A couple of South Lake Tahoe men made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Monday.

Lee Asher, who has nine rescue dogs living under his home base, wanted to make a difference, saying his 9 to 5 job simply wasn't cutting it.

“It wasn't fulfilling me, it wasn't making me happy at night, I wasn't following my dream, my passion,” says Asher.

Asher’s passion is his dogs. So Asher, his partner Luke Barton, and all nine of his furry companions travel from state to state in the so called "Asher House" RV.

During their trip, the men will partner with animal shelters and humane societies across the United States. They'll then host community events to showcase dogs in a positive light, outside of a cage.

“We want to show people the beautiful, ready loving dogs that just need to go home,” says Asher.

Since beginning the trek in 2018, Asher and Barton have helped find a home for more than 200 dogs.

When Ellen DeGeneres caught wind of the impact these two men were making, she brought them on her show to give back in her own special way.

“I love the work you've been doing, so my friends at Shutter Fly want to help you out, so they want to give you a check for $10,000,” DeGeneres said on her show.

Asher says that kind of money will go directly toward the thousands of dollars worth of repairs that the RV needs.

But he says what's even bigger than the money, is Ellen helping to spread his message for the world to see.

“When you see those dogs come to life and change and blossom into what they're supposed to be, it's the best feeling, so go rescue a dog if you can, go help these guys out if you can,” said DeGeneres.

If you’d like to donate or learn more about the Asher House, you can go here: Https://www.theasherhouse.com/