After some multi-million dollar donations, a community ice rink in south Reno is now close to reality. The non-profit behind the project released a video of what may be built as soon as next year: the Jennifer O'Neal Ice Arena. No its not here yet...this is their demonstration video of what it will be like. The Olympic-sized rink with seating for up to 500 will be behind the South Valleys Library next to the South Reno Valleys Regional Sports Complex ball fields.

Joel Grace, president of the Greater Reno Community Ice Skating Association pointed out the highlights in architect drawings and the presentation video: "This is our lobby, so when you walk through these doors this is roughly what you'll see here. And this view here is actually from Wedge Parkway, so you can see the library at the top here, and you've got 395 behind it."

It’s the closest Reno has been to having a community ice center. In his office, Joel has been picking up funding and planning for what he calls a sure thing: "We're about 60, 65% of the way there, and we've got some big donors and companies that have stepped up to the plate." What are the odds of this happening? Grace told me, "I say 100%."

The land will be leased by Reno Ice, a non-profit. Joel says skates could be on the ice in the new building by December 2020. But Reno and ice sports have had a rocky past. Other plans to build a community ice rink have faltered, and it’s been 21 years since we had a pro hockey team here. Can this area really support a 15 and a half million dollar community ice center? Joel says yes. He tells me it’s a different reno now, and in other cities, “1 ice rink is supported by an average 25,000 people nationally, and we have an area of close to 600,000 plus people, and we don't have one full-time rink. The types of folks who are moving here for the jobs and the massive growth of employment we've had are coming from all over the place, and they're used to having a rink in relative proximity for their kids to be able to skate, to figure skate, to play hockey and broomball curling...and we just don't have that offering here."

Plans are for construction to start in just 6 months. You can keep tabs on the project by clicking the link below: