Prices at the pump are on the rise, but over the past month they have seemed to skyrocket.

“I was like 'oh wow! It's really...a lot higher than the last time I checked when I pumped gas,’" said Reno resident Tresa Rae Silva.

It is normal for prices to increase this time of year, with the switch from winter blend to summer blend. But experts say the dramatic increase in prices on the west coast is a culmination of that, a fire at a plant, and refinery issues.

"There were two (issues) on the West Coast that were significant: the Chevron refinery in Richmond, and the Valero refinery also in the Bay Area, had some problems getting their equipment back online, so their production is somewhat limited," said Peter Krueger, Executive Director for Nevada Petroleum Marketers.

Because of these issues, officials tell us to expect prices to remain this way, or even increase, past the time it usually drops off.

“The best guess seems to be that it will take all this stuff to be fixed until July,” said Krueger.

While some residents are making the best of the rough situation: “This bad boy gets 51 miles to the gallon and it's way cooler than a Prius, and it's just fun!” said Reno resident Robert Martensen riding his motorcycle.

Others are concerned and have a few tips for saving money at the pumps.

“When you are trying to pinch pennies, there are a lot of gas apps and things like that, Gas Buddy and all of those online, they are very helpful," said Silva.

“Just keep your vehicles and motors running good, they will treat you nice, if you don't take care of them, you are gonna lose your gas mileage," said Martensen.