Hundreds of Wolf Pack fans showed up to Lawlor Event Center Friday afternoon, to watch the University of Nevada, Reno athletic department introduce new Men's Basketball Head Coach Steve Alford.

We spoke to some of those fans about why they came.

"I'm excited for it being different," University of Nevada Senior Jordan Pugh. "Because the whole thing with Musselman is that he's so exciting he got the crowd going. Steve's a completely different coach so I'm excited for that."

"I just want to see what Alford's about and see what he can bring to Nevada," University of Nevada Senior Shannon Borba says.

Borba says experience is something she looks for in a head coach, and she's impressed with Alford's experience. Still, she understands if it takes a little for the team to get back to the way it was.

"I think this year is going to be a transition year and then next year will be better."

Others hope Alford's influence is more immediate.

"First thing first we have to keep the roster," University of Nevada Senior Conner Smith says. "Because you know lot of them are on the transfer portal, a lot of them are testing the waters a little bi. But if he can get them to stay I think expectations should be high."

"I have high expectations," Pugh says. "After the years we've had I hope we can keep rolling. Everyone's putting their name on the transfer portal so I guess my first hope for him is that he can talk to some of those guys and keep them here."

Across the street from Lawlor, Silver and Blue Outfitters Owner Mark Glodowski is excited for Alford's hiring, too.

"I thought getting Alford was a big move," Glodowski says. "It was something that surprised me. Typically we haven't gone after a big-name, splash hire like that in the past."

Glodowski opened the store in 2006, on the tail end of former basketball coach Mark Fox's tenure. He says business was good then, but basketball products weren't similarly popular until former coach Eric Musselman's success coaching the Wolf Pack.

He says luckily between those times, a quarterback by the name of Colin Kaepernick brought a huge wave of football fans looking for memorabilia.

Still, he knows sales can be streaky, and he created his business around that concept.

"We go through seasons and it's cyclical," Glodowski says. "But we built this business over that and we expect it and we plan for it, so we just have to hit that median."

He says sales during March are always big, if the Wolf Pack are playing. So there are a couple reasons he's hoping Alford can lead the Wolf Pack to future NCAA tournaments.