A video taken by Cold Springs resident Savannah Blum shows Southwest Airlines flight attendant Jessica Jackson holding Savannah's daughter Britton as passengers board the plane.

The video was picked up by NBC News in New York, the Today Show, and even Dailymail.com in the United Kingdom.

In the video, the plane is getting ready to leave from Las Vegas to Reno, but this story starts before that.

Jessica was also a flight attendant on their flight from Austin, Texas to Las Vegas.

"During that time Jessica came and she would just pass by and talk to Britton," Savannah says. "And she kept referring to her as her little buddy"

Then Jessica noticed Savannah and Britton getting on the flight to Reno.

"Normally this little stinker sleeps during those times," Savannah says. "But she had no intention of doing that."

"As a mother myself I know what it's like to travel with little ones," Jessica says. "So as soon as I saw her just a little fussy, something just told me just go help her out, someone needs to help this mom out. Let me go ahead and just grab this little baby."

Not only did Britton settle down once Jessica picked her up, she stole the show.

"Everybody that saw her said how cute she was and just loved her," Savannah says.

"They were blowing kisses back at her, giving her high-fives," Jessica says. "So everybody actually enjoyed that flight that was a good one."

And so it didn't take long for a small act of kindness to turn into a heartwarming moment for many, on an otherwise dull flight.

"This isn't the first time I've ever helped anyone out but this was actually the first tie it was recorded I guess." Jessica says. "It's very humbling and I would do it again regardless if you're recording me or not. If your baby cries, your baby can come to me."

Jessica says she loves giving exceptional service, and loves what she does.

"I've been flying for two years now," Jessica says. "I wish I had done this in my twenties, but it's an amazing, amazing job. An amazing career, actually."

Original Story: Baby on board!

Savannah Blum and her 19-month-old daughter, Brittan were on a flight from Austin, Texas to Las Vegas, then Las Vegas to Reno on Saturday when Brittan became restless.

Blum says their flight attendant, Jessica, took Brittan with her to greet the passengers for a change of scenery from sitting for so long.

Blum says they were on a return trip from visiting family in Texas and Jessica made the flight a little easier for Brittan.