The election is more than 9 months away and people want to learn about the candidates. A crowd gathered at Wooster High School Saturday morning, to hear presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren talk about what she hopes to accomplish if she's elected.

A packed Wooster High School auditorium came out to hear United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren's campaign goals. “I've heard a lot of positive. I've heard a lot of negative. I don't know who I’m voting for,” said Marisa Bear. One of the negatives was Warren's claim of a Native American heritage. Which she says a DNA test confirmed of her heritage from 6 -10 generations ago. President Donald Trump has blasted that claim in speeches. But a group of representatives from 2 tribes and the Reno-Sparks Indian colony came to the location to not only talk about preserving the natural environment, but also the president's response to her claim. “We don't respect the way that Donald Trump has been treating her. And using the Indian people against her. And we are not against her. And support her,” said Yerington Pauite Tribe Chairman Laurie Thom.

The 2016 presidential election is one of the reasons Marisa Bear wanted to see Warren speak. “I really feel I need to be educated on all our candidates,” said Bear. Several of Warren's comments brought cheers. “First of all. End lobbying as we know it,” said Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. “I would propose a wealth tax for the top 1/10th of the top 1% ,” she added.  The tax would pay for other programs. “It would pay for universal childcare and universal pre-kindergarden. And by chance would use the funds to bring down student loan debt,” said Warren. She also mentioned making more low cost housing, ending the privatization of prisons, and the legalization of marijuana.

“People who have served their time and they are out of prison. They are expected to follow the law. They are expected to pay taxes. They are expected to support themselves. That means they are entitled to vote,” said Warren. She also says she is in favor of the Green New Deal.

Warren is the second presidential candidate to visit northern Nevada in April. Kamala Harris visited earlier in the month. More democratic candidates are expected to visit the area in the near future.