In Yerington, Nevada, the non-profit Boys and Girls Club has been serving the youth of the small town for two decades. Our Someone 2 Know, Allyson Preston, considers the club her home away from home and says she plans to make the experience just as special for others like her.

Juggling homework, a job, a social life and increased responsibilities - 17 year old Allyson's life is sometimes stressful and she says being a member of the Boys and Girls club helps her manage it; " I just love how caring, and the family feel they have here"

And Allyson means FAMILY. She's been a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Yerington since she was just a little girl;" And I live two and a half miles out of town, so at age 7, through now, sometimes when I wouldn't have a ride, I would walk at six in the morning, be here at seven, stay all 11 hours all day every day".

And not because she had to - although the club offers activities all day in summer and every afternoon during the school year - Preston has been a loyal member for ten years because this place won her heart; "I love how accepting the boys and girls club is, even at the little club and the teen center, I love how open they are to all different opinions and views on everything".

Currently Allyson works at Yerington’s movie theater, which is owned and operated by the club, but in about a year she'll be out of high school and too old to continue as a member; which she admits, makes her a bit sad.

"’Cuz I know once I graduate I can't come back here as a teen, so I'm trying to soak up as much as I can right now".

The Club is for kids age 5 to 18, but Preston already has an idea of what she'll do when she heads out of town for college; "My plan is to go to Reno and hopefully stay with the boys and girls club in a way of working and helping others the way the staff helped me when I was a kid"

The love and respect is mutual; in 2017 Allyson Preston was award Youth of the Year by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mason Valley.

Preston says she wants to use her college degree to find a way give back to the place she has always considered home.

 "I'm hoping that I'm able to stick with the club, basically for the rest of my life, because it's just that important to me"