He stakes out the perfect spot to capture incredible images - from the Northern Lights to Jokulsarlon Glacier Bay. Steve Wheatcraft trekked all over Iceland to take many mesmerizing photographs.

"I walked over six miles and hadn't really thought much about it; now that is night and day!”

Several months ago, that journey likely would not have happened. “I wouldn't have walked half a mile," says Steve. For years, he says it felt like he was walking on pins and needles. "Standing was worse than walking; after a half-hour I was in tears I was in so much pain."

Steve was diagnosed with Cryptogentic Peripheral Neuropathy. "It comes with a burning sensation, a tingling, numbness,” explains Dr. Ali Nairizi. “Some patients say, ‘Doc, my feet are on fire!’"

Steven found relief at Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists where one of the tools being used by Dr. Ali Nairizi and Dr. Denis Patterson is the Nevro HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulator. It’s implanted over the spinal cord to inhibit certain neurons that get wound up. "The belief is the 10,000 Hertz signal turns that off, preventing the patient from having a pain signal to the brain,” adds Dr. Patterson.

You can test out the stimulator before surgery with an external pack and temporary leads. "We test the medical device beforehand with a temporary one to make sure that the patient would benefit," notes Dr. Nairizi. Nevada Advanced Pain Specialist patient, Dave Strickley just wrapped up his trial week.

"I was like I was a different person… right away." He adds, “The seven nights was probably the best sleep I've had in a long time." Dave cannot wait for his permanent implant on Friday.

Neuropathy also affects diabetics. "Unfortunately, the high blood sugars are toxic to nerves,” explains Dr. Patterson. So Nevada Advanced Pain Specialists is part of a clinical trial to treat diabetic neuropathy using the same technology. There is still room to sign up. "The more patients we have in the study, the better and the stronger study we can have."

To learn more about joining the clinical trial, Dr. Nairizi and Dr. Patterson are hosting a free, educational seminar on Tuesday April 2nd at the Sparks Medical Office Building on the Northern Nevada Medical Center Campus (2385 E. Prater Way, Suite 201) in Sparks. Check-in is at 6 p.m. RSVP at (775) 356-6662 or log on to https://nvadvancedpain.com/.