Our Someone 2 Know, Marie Baxter, has always had a heart for helping others - especially children.

And while you may not know her name, you will very likely recognize the charitable work she's done in northern Nevada.

Always on the move and filled with seemingly boundless energy, the list of things Baxter has accomplished is long; "I started my professional career actually as a teacher with Washoe County School District, as a sixth grade teacher at Huffaker."

While getting her Ph.D. at the University and working with children who are gifted and talented, Marie had a chance meeting with Jan and Bob Davidson who went on to establish the Davidson Institute and Academy. "Through some incredible mentoring from Jan Davidson in particular, she really taught me how to be a non-profit administrator how to be a fundraiser,” explains Marie.

After putting those skills to work for the Davidsons, Marie spent 10 years with the Reno Rodeo Foundation. Grateful, she says, to work with a board filled with key visionary people; "We substantially grew the scholarship program, the community grants program and our big magical moment was the Reno Rodeo Denim Drive."

Since its inception, the Denim Drive has provided not just blue jeans, but socks, underwear and other essentials to more than 40,000 of Nevada’s most vulnerable - our foster kids; "These young people who are, you know, have survived abuse, survived neglect and are awaiting some sort of permanency in their lives."

The Denim Drive is well supported now, but in the beginning, needed some attention; "Let us take the chuck wagon, in December, down South Virginia Street, drawn by the mules, as a procession."

Now, the expansive work of Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada is Marie Baxter's domain. She was Chief Operating Officer for the last three years, and became the CEO in August.

“When people come to us they are, most likely, at their rock bottom,” shares Baxter.

But Marie says nonprofit work in Reno is deeply fulfilling;

"We have a special magic here,” she says with a big smile and glimmer in her eye.

Currently Marie Baxter is working hard to continue expanding Catholic Charities services in the county and in northern Nevada’s rural towns.

To learn more about Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, click here