United States Senator Catherine Cortez Masto paid a visit to the Nevada state capitol to address a joint session of the Nevada Legislature today. She outlined some issues she will be tackling in Washington D.C.

“Nevada has a female majority Legislature and Supreme Court. It’s just incredible. It's one of a handful of states that's represented by 2 female U.S. Senators,” said U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.  She started off her speech at the legislature by saluting what she calls “the power of Nevada’s women” and the state's diversity. She also touched on a variety of issues.  “Protecting our environment and beautiful open spaces is important,” said Cortez Masto. She also talked about dealing with natural disasters. She said, “As I fight to insure that Nevada receives the federal assistance it needs to recover from these wildfires.”  

The senator then outlined the steps being taken to protect the rule that requires medical insurance to cover pre-existing conditions. “Nevada is joining a lawsuit that's fighting attempts by Washington to take away the pre-existing protections thousands of Nevada residents rely on,” said Senator Cortez Masto.

She then outlined another fight she has taken up. “I am going to object to the appointment of all nominees to the department of energy until I am convinced that they will not send another shipment of plutonium to our state,” said Cortez Masto. In a press conference after the speech, Cortez Masto detailed a discussion she had discussed with U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry concerning the shipment of plutonium to Yucca Mountain. “We had talked about a 3 to 5 year period,” said Cortez Masto. She also discussed a commitment that she requires before moving forward with Energy Department appointments. “I’ve asked for a commitment in writing. I'm not moving until I get something a commitment in writing that I am satisfied with,” said Cortez Masto.  She also outlined what she saw for the future of Yucca Mountain. “It’s dead and I want it to stay dead,” said Senator Cortez Masto.

In the wake of the fight over Yucca Mountain, Senator Cortez Masto says she regrets voting to confirm U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry.