The University of Nevada says it has raised more than $18,000 to help with improvements at Manzanita Lake and Swan Island.

The school announced it is actually raised $3,000 more than its original $15,000 goal. 

UNR says the additional funds will be used to buy more "vegetation and make improvements that were not in the original plans, both on the island and in the entire swan viewing area, known as Ginnie Kersey Garden."

Manzanita Lake was created on campus back in 1911. It has been home to plenty of ducks and geese, and of course swans.

“The swans live on the island. They have their own shelters there," Marty Sillito told us in March. 

The swans use the little island to lay their eggs and stay away from predators and keep a safe distance from students on campus.

The ground services assistant director went on to say, “You can see that there is concrete tubes and that is for erosion control but the problem is we have baby geese and swans and they get stuck in there and that worries people.”