Carson City residents who tuned into The Price is Right Wednesday morning might've seen some familiar faces.

Carson City residents Daniel Elliot and his wife Denise Trost were not only given air time, but Daniel competed on the popular game show and even came away with a few prizes.

Of course you're high-fiving Drew and giving him hugs and kisses, says Elliot. Youre just super ecstatic that you're there because the process is going so fast.

After Daniel was selected to Come on Down from the crowd, he correctly guessed the price of jewelry when he was on "Contestants Row." 

That correct guess earned him the opportunity to play a pricing game.

With the help of his wife Denise, who was sitting in the crowd, he selected the right price tag and won himself a hot tub and barbecue grill.

First time on The Price is Right and we won, says Trost.

Daniel would go on to spin what's called "The Big Wheel" on the game show.

He did not spin the winning score against his competitors so he was eliminated. Had he earned the top score, he would have gone on to the show's finale.

Despite not making it to the end, Daniel and Denise still walked away with the prizes they won. The two Carson City residents say the experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“An amazing experience, would recommend to anyone wholeheartedly,” says Elliot.