If you have driven through Midtown the last couple of months, you are aware of all the construction and lane restrictions in the area. But just today part of Virginia Street is back open to normal traffic, and more is to come.

Construction in midtown is nearing the end of phase one, with parts of Virginia Street already back open from Plumb to Vassar. The project has been restricting drivers to southbound travel and causing hardships for some businesses.

“It's definitely impacted our business; it's affected us to where we have actually had to go on to offer online sales and deliveries,” said Carol Reitz, owner of Sierra Nevada Chocolate.

“It's been a struggle for everyone at different levels, and everybody expressed their concerns the same way," said Carmen Castillo, owner of Pristine Dry Cleaners.

The rest of the road is scheduled to open to normal traffic by the end of week... While RTC moves onto the utility part of the project.

“Traffic is expected to continue to be 2 way traffic but you might see some lane closures here and there, just some minor disruptions while we do continue to install those utilities," said Lauren Ball, Public Information Officer for RTC.

This may only be a temporary reprieve for some businesses, as storm drain work is planned for April that will close down northbound lanes of Virginia from Vassar to Center Street. After that there is another break until summer, when they move onto the second phase.

“Right now we are still working through the traffic control for the second part of construction, but it will probably look very similar to this first part of construction, but it may be segmented depending on where they are working at the time,” said Ball.

But even with the hardships construction causes to local shops, several remain hopeful about the finished product.

“I'm actually excited for it; I think it's going to be beautiful, that's what I keep having to remind myself," said Reitz.

“It's good for everybody, not just for the businesses but for the entire neighborhood, for the city...I'm excited," said Castillo.

RTC plans to open Virginia street in both directions there either late tomorrow or Friday.