Governor Steve Sisolak says Nevada will reduce the state's carbon emissions by joining the U.S. Climate Alliance.

The announcement was made during a Conversation Lobby Day press conference in Carson City on Tuesday. 

The Carbon Reduction Plan allows Nevada to implement the standards of the Paris Climate Agreement, which the United States pulled out of in June of 2017 under the direction of the Trump administration. 

"The American Southwest is already one of the driest and hottest regions in the U.S. – and climate change will only worsen the challenges we already face, such as heat waves, crop failure, drought, and reduced snowpack," says Governor Sisolak. (His entire statement is below.)

Bill Sponsor Senator Brooks said of SB 254, “Climate change poses a monumental threat to our state, our nation and our planet,” said Senator Chris Brooks. “The Carbon Reduction Plan will allow Nevada to address climate change as a state at a time when the federal government refuses to step up and deal with this issue in any meaningful way. We must implement bold policies that expand our clean energy economy and address our biggest pollution sources. The time for action is now.”

Brooks’ Carbon Reduction Plan takes a number of steps to address climate change including: 

• Requires the Division of Environmental Protection to issue a greenhouse gas report annually, as opposed to every four years.

• Require annual reports to include projections of greenhouse gas emissions for the next 20 years.

• Measure sources of emissions from the following categories: electricity production, transportation, industry, commercial and residential, agriculture, land use & forestry.

• Reduce emissions by 28% from 2005 levels by 2024.

• Reduce emissions by 45% from 2005 levels by 2029.

• Achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Andy Maggi issued the following statement:  

“Governor Sisolak today delivered on his promise to fight for Nevadans’ futures by setting ambitious goals to reduce carbon pollution and accelerate the deployment of clean energy. This strengthens our faith, shared by the majority of Nevada voters last November, that Governor Sisolak is the leader our state needs as we tackle the effects of climate change. 

Climate change is an immediate threat to our environment and to our families, and while the federal government fails to act, states are leading the charge in curbing our carbon footprint. Taking action now will not only show the nation that climate action is possible, but also grow Nevada’s clean energy economy and improve our public health. 

We welcome today’s announcement and are proud to stand with Governor Sisolak in fighting climate change."