UPDATE: Storey County E-Comm Center says C Street has been reopened.

They said B Street between Taylor Street and Sutton Street has been reopened as well, but Union Street between C Street and B Street will remain closed until further notice.

Storey County officials say all emergency crews have been released from the scene as of Tuesday night.

They said the investigation is still ongoing into what caused the explosion.

An investigation is underway after an explosion at The Delta Saloon in Virginia City. A portion of B Street is currently closed. 

It happened just before 9 a.m. on Tuesday, causing damage to the front of the building on C Street and back of the building on B Street. 

The explosion damaged the northwest corner of the building, as seen in photos. Witnesses say the windows were blown out on the east of the building.

“I thought someone drove into the building so I went outside to look and realized glass all over and Delta windows blew out," says Bonnie Johnson of Comstock Rock Shop.  

Authorities tell us one man was inside the saloon when the explosion happened. Thankfully he suffered only minor injuries. 

Authorities say they do not believe the explosion was suspicious and are waiting for the fire marshal to determine the cause of the explosion. 

As a precaution, gas and electricity are off inside the saloon. State health officials also responded. 

"At least it happened in the morning when there’s not a lot of people, we get days where you can barely walk down the boardwalk because there are so many people," says resident Collin Willie.

Storey County says NDF, NDOT and NHP all helped with the cleanup. 

All other C Street businesses are open.