Our Someone 2 Know grew up in a small town in upstate New York, traveled the world and made his way to Nevada, where he is committed to giving back to the state he loves to call home.

Meet James Kocijanski -

"Retired Master Sergeant United States Air Force, Nevada Air National Guard, retired Commander Washoe County Sheriff's Office under Chuck Allen."

Now, “Operation Game Thief” is the main focus for Koz, who works to stop poaching on Nevada’s open land and waterways, supporting the full time game wardens; “We assist in events like this, where they don't need to be here and they can be out there patrolling on the weekends, and we're just a second body to have in the patrol unit when needed.”

Fellow volunteer Andrea Emnas has worked side-by-side with Koz for nine years and says even though they sometimes bicker like brother and sister, she deeply admires James; “Hearing his story and how he's just never stopped giving,” explains Andrea emphatically, “Whether he was serving our country or serving on the military it really inspired me."

Koz says his mindset of service began early.

“In my active duty time, the first few years that I realized I wanted to be part of something bigger and wanted to contribute more."

"It’s in his DNA,” says Andrea, “Giving back - for what he does, whether it's disabled veterans, law enforcement, retired current - he gives back."

You wouldn't know it by looking at him but Koz himself is a disabled veteran. However, it does not slow him down; “This is kinda living out a chapter of my life, I don't see an end to now."

For fun, Koz races motor cross, dirt bikes and UTV, plus gets in a little hunting and fishing whenever possible.

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