Our Someone 2 Know grew up the son of a prominent judge, in Reno, but made a name for himself as an actor in Hollywood and is now starring in a major motion picture that opens this weekend.

In Kristoffer Polaha’s latest movie, "Run The Race," Polaha plays a widower, struggling to have a relationship with his two sons.

In real life, Polaha has a close, loving bond with his wife, three boys and parents, who have supported his acting career for decades. 

Polaha has been in dozens upon dozens of TV show and films, but he says this movie is pretty special for a few reasons: "It's a really beautiful faith film about inspiration and about sort of what happens when you fail."

Brothers Robby and pro-athlete Tim Tebow are executive producers of the movie that touches on Christian tenets of faith and redemption, a perfect fit for Polaha who feels very strongly about how any attitude of faith can change your life.

“I’m so humbled that I even get to be standing next to Tim Tebow on the red carpet, this kid from Reno, we're here in Hollywood, California, talking about my faith."

The other thing near and dear to Polaha's heart - memories of his childhood in Reno. “My family and I would go see movies on Friday nights, like that was our thing. I remember going to see Chariots of Fire, I could tell you what theater we were in, where we were downtown."

And Polaha says wherever they would go, folks would recognize his dad, Jerome Polaha.

“He was a defense attorney, so he was representing some pretty bad dudes sometimes, so that was the cause of some pretty interesting strife.” Polaha remembers.

Now a judge, the Honorable Jerome Polaha has sat on the bench for twenty years and continues to inspire his son every day.

"But his story is fascinating,” smiles Polaha, pointing in the direction of his dad, “In fact, I've tried to distill it, I have a show idea, based on his life that takes place here in Reno."

That’s just one of the many Hollywood projects Kristoffer Polaha is currently working on.

Polaha's new movie "Run The Race" opens on Thursday, February 21 at:

Cinemark Century Summit Sierra

13965 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV

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