We found this week's Someone 2 Know right here on the production staff for 2 News This Morning. It turns out running a professional sound board is nothing new for Nevada native, Breyshon Johnson. He's been devoted to music and its creation for years.

Hip hop has been a life-long passion for Johnson, who used to perform under the name Young Duse. "Yeah I toured with a lot of artists, it was good, but it had its ups and downs"

At the time, Johnson and his cousin, hip-hop artist Chef Pida, were paying others to help produce their music: "As independent artists we couldn't afford those beats, so I started making those beats for us."

Beats are the sounds and rhythm you hear behind the lyrics.

Johnson is now a music producer and audio engineer working under the name Duse Beats. The Hug High graduate says the city of Sparks is home, so he created his own sound studio in the backyard.

"If you got a good engineer,” explains Chef Pida, “Your stuff is gonna sound just as good as Jay-Z and Beyonce, from right here."

Sound engineer Tom Gordon has recorded hundreds of albums, with some of the best in the biz, and agrees. "The recording is changing quite a bit over the last 30 years due to the fact that technology has become more compact and more affordable."

Gordon is somewhat of a mentor to Johnson: "We've done enough work together - where he's learned the quality of, the time it goes into, to make sure that everything that's put together sounds professional."

Duse Beats has songs on the radio and various music streaming sites and is always creating new sounds for up-and-coming artists. "You know, we're just trying to make the Duse Beats brand grow,” says Johnson.

If you'd like to hear more of the sounds created by Duse Beats, check out these links-

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