The CEO of Burning Man announced on Saturday that there will be changes to Burning Man tickets this year, in an effort to "correct" the culture surrounding the event.

In an article released on the Burning Man website, Marian Goodell says "participants have been talking about some alarming changes in the culture of Burning Man."

The blog goes on to explain how "troubling trends" have emerged, such as commercial photos shoots, product placements, and social media influencers wearing and tagging brands on their platforms. Goodell says "they are using Black Rock City to increase their popularity; to appeal to customers and sell more 'stuff.'"

According to the article, this prompted some changes for ticketing, which includes:

- Moving the Pre-Sale to after the Directed Group Sale, which prioritizes key contributors to the Black Rock City.
- Growing the Directed Group Sale by 10 percent.
- Expanding the Low Income ticket program by 18 percent.
- Adjusting high-priced ticket sales by reducing the overall number available by 30 percent. Higher-priced tickets will now be limited to two per person instead of four per high-priced tier.
- Eliminating the Limited Sale tickets, which allowed participants to purchase tickets for $1,200 into July.

Another problem the article mentions is the practice of "convenience culture" and "concierge-type" camps that offer pre-packaged experiences, which Goodell says goes against the principles of Burning Man.

"Burning Man is anything but convenient," Goodell said. "these changes are intended to ensure that those willing to make the trek to Black Rock City are ready to contribute, and will help deter concierge-type camps from purchasing blocks of tickets on behalf of their would-be clients."

To read the full article, visit this link here.