Our Someone 2 Know says her career as an author started as a happy fluke when she signed up for a writing challenge - and out popped an entire book. Seven years later, Elise Manion is still busy weaving northern Nevada into her stories.

And despite the fact that writers are notoriously reclusive, Manion let us join her one morning as she gently clicked away on the keyboard…

Writing may look like calm and quiet work, but many authors will tell you the voices of their fictional characters speak to them, loud and clear.

"They kinda talk to each other,” laughs Elise. "The real writing starts when you edit, and the characters, and this is what is really freaky - is that the characters tell you where the story is going."

Manion's favorite characters right now are the King Brothers.

"They're chivalrous, they love their girlfriend', their wives, they're gonna stumble, make mistakes,” explains Elise. “I like that they're human."

The King Brothers are featured in a published trilogy that takes place in the fictional small town of Timbisha, Nevada.

"I could not make up my mind between Winnemucca and the Minden-Garderville because I think, both those places are really pretty."

Manion loves the outdoors so much, that's where you'll often find her doing her work. "I wanted to make it so that people understood that Nevada is more than just a desert and nothing here."

For her novels, she pulls on her own experiences in the Silver State to help paint the picture; "Memories from my childhood of water skiing and going camping...."

At first glance, the trilogy - Jason's Princess, Jarod's Heart and Josh's Challenge - looks like pure romance, but Manion says what will really grasp the reader - is the suspense; "I kinda escape into that kind of stuff and I know a lot of people do, so there's a lot more crime in it than what you would think."

Manion's next story, also filled with suspense - and romance -takes place right here in Reno; "All the names have been changed to protect the innocent, so..." Elise explains with a soft laugh.

That Reno-based novel will be released in 2020. This year Manion is working on getting her existing works into audio-book format.

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