A major change is happening at the Peppermill Casinos Sportsbook. Some people are calling it the end of an era.

The glory of winning and the agony of defeat can both be seen at the Peppermill Casinos Sportsbook, where people can place bets on the sports that they love.  For the last 19 years, one man has been looking over it all, the Director of Race and Sportsbook Terry Cox. I've learned a lot from Terry. He's been doing this a long time. He's well respected so its cool to learn from him, said new Sportsbook Director John Haines.

This is the job: watching football and dealing with people who think this is a lot of fun, said Cox.
He didn't originally start off working in sports gambling.
I have an Ivy League degree in economics and I worked in the banking industry for 10 years, said Cox. He first set foot in a sportsbook back in 1981, when he was on a hiking vacation in Tahoe. They were betting on baseball and basketball. I said that I didn't know a place like this existed, said Cox.

He quit his job at the bank, and started working at the Harrahs Casino's Sportsbook. He worked for there for 16 years. Sports betting was a lot different back then. In those days there was nothing on the computer. You did everything by hand. You wrote tickets by hand. You paid them by hand. You kept track of the sports spread in your head or on a little yellow sheet, said Cox. He then tried working at an unregulated sportsbook in Caribbean. Before deciding, he wanted to come back to Reno. When he came back, he worked for the Peppermill's Sportsbook until this Superbowl weekend. He's got one bit of advice for gamblers. Bet what you like, especially in the Superbowl. Nobody has any idea who is going to win the game. Trust me. Not the wise guys, Nor the public know who is going to win, said Cox. Right now, the only thing he is gambling on is retirement.