For many people, recycling is an easy way to do their part to help the environment, but a local group is taking it one step, or pedal, further offering collection services in a unique way.

Everyone is familiar with the green or blue trash and recycling bins on the curb, but there’s a new bucket that locals are taking advantage of. 

Down to Earth is a company that goes around picking up food and other biodegradables and processes what you would normally throw away, all done by using bikes.

“You take that food waste, and through that awesome process of composting, it breaks down into a soil-like substance that you then add back into your soil to help you grow more food," said owner Garrett Menghini.

“I think it's great that we are diverting waste from our municipal landfill here in Reno and the fact that they use bikes instead of cars to pick it up, is just an added bonus," said Down to Earth customer Korie Hickel.

And after the food waste is processed, Down to Earth delivers ‘fresh’ compost to help your garden flourish.

But it wasn't always compost and biking for owner Garrett Menghini.

“I definitely got more oohhh's and awwww's when I told folks that I was a rocket scientist, but that didn't feel as good," said Garrett.

This former electrical engineer for Space X wanted to do something to give back.

"It's really nice to go out on a cool morning like this, bike around, pick up food scraps, and know that you are making an impact, no matter how big or how small."

Down to Earth tells us that they are always looking to service more customers, and if you would like to sign up for composting, you can click here.