With the NFL playoffs in full swing, casinos across the area are seeing an increase in numbers as people look to make some extra cash. Everything seems to be clicking for sportsbooks in the Reno area right now. “We’re pretty strong. Our numbers continue to climb. Especially in our in play wagering that allow people to bet while the game is in progress,” said William Hill Sportsbook Manager Teri Gray. “Just yesterday business was 15 percent up from what it was last year. So it’s looking really good,” said Peppermill Casino Director of Race and Sportsbook Terry Cox.  

The post-season for football has kicked off.  The AFC and NFC championship are next weekend and the Superbowl is just 3 weeks away. “When you place your bet it’s like you get to fly your team colors,” said sports betting enthusiast Rochard Shepherd. Shepherd bet on the New Orleans Saints this weekend.  From the team jersey he wears, it's obvious the Saints are his team. But he's also putting money on other games. “Everyone has this competitive spirit and likes to say they want to be right. They’re willing to put money on the game to prove that they are right,” said Shepherd.

In May the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled that all US States can have legalized sports betting if the state approves it.  Several sportsbooks believe that ruling has had a ripple effect on gambling in the Reno area, especially in professional football betting. “Now that more and more people can bet on games legally without a bookie, the number of bets is just going to continue to grow,” said Gray. “Is all that business in New Jersey and down South hurting us? It doesn't seem to be. We're busier than we were last year right now, “said Cox.

The variety of ways a person can bet, have also expanded.
“There are straight bets, over-under bets, and parlays,” said Cox. “We will have probably hundreds of prop bets going. Fun bets, like who is going to score the first touchdown and who is going is going to have the most yards,” said Gray. In-game betting offers additional gambling options for every game that were originally reserved for only high profile games. But people need to get in bets early, because odds change as the games progress.
            The sportsbooks 2 News spoke to, said they expect to bring in extra employees to deal with the increase in betting expected for the playoffs. The Peppermill is going to bring in some part-timers they have on payroll. William Hill manager is looking to hire reliable additional employees.