The half acre lot behind the Truckee Community Arts Center could become a community park with a sensory garden and a 100-seat amphitheater as early as June.

Right now the half acre of land behind the arts center has a 25 year old playground, and not much else besides pavement. Developer Mark Tanner says the idea to make a change first came up about a year ago.

"We had a facilities tour with Truckee Donner Parks and Recreation District and were looking at the underutilized amenities within the community," Tanner says. "And saw that this community space had a lot of opportunity."

Tanner says currently, there isn't a great open space in downtown Truckee for the community to use, and this park would change that.The park would include a path from the parking lot to Church Street, meaning the fence on Church Street would be torn down. Along the path near Church Street would include seating, tables, a water feature, and natural terrain meant for kids to play on.

"With logs and rocks and grassy mounds that kids can recreate on, adults can sit on," Tanner says.

Then the amphitheater would sit next to the back parking lot, where Tanner says he pictures food trucks setting up once they get community events going.

The project would include repainting, and re-roofing the Truckee Community Arts Center. Those details, along with the regulations for the park, are currently being examined by the Historical Preservation Advisory Committee.

"We expect to have full approvals by the end of this month," Tanner says. "Which it will go then to the Truckee Planning Commission for full approval."

He says that approval could happen in the middle of February. Still, the projects needs funding. Tanner says they've already received a significant chunk, mainly due to donated materials and labor.

"The overall project is about 500 thousand dollars," Tanner says. "And right now we have about 200 thousand dollars in that kind of sweat equity."

If appropriate funding is acquired and the planning commission approves the design in mid-February, Tanner says construction would hopefully start in early April (weather could be a factor), and the grand opening would be in June.