Every winter can be different around here, with some years producing more snow than others. Some years can start out slow and finish strong and vice versa. After a slow start to the snow season this year we’ve finally caught up to where we should be.

The mountains picked up a little more snow Wednesday with a couple feet of snow falling late last weekend. Now that we’ve received some fresh snow it’s a great forecast to hit the slopes on Friday with temperatures in the 30’s and mostly cloudy skies. Sunday will be snowy with slick roads in the Sierra. 

There is always hope when it comes to our water supply. Last year is a great example of this when we started off around fifty percent of normal in January and then finished the winter season near average. Perhaps you could even call it a miracle March. 

2015 on the other hand started off slow and ended way below average too. The image below is for the end of March of 2015. 

Everything changed a couple years ago though, 2017 was an epic year with a good start and a good finish to the snow season. At this time in 2017 we were a little above average but by the end of March our snowpack was at least double where we normally are. 2017 was an epic snow year and really helped out our water supply.

Where are we at right now? Well after last weekend’s storm we are now right where we should be with most of our basins around 100 percent. Before last weekend many of our basins were only at about 75 percent of normal. If you love snow, the good news is more snow is in the forecast for the Sierra beginning Sunday and going through the first half of next week. Enjoy!