"Achieve Tahoe" is a local organization developed to help people with disabilities participate in winter and summer sports. On Monday, one of its members made history.

13-year-old Max Barber has been skiing ever since he was a few years old. He received a life-changing diagnosis when he was just five years old. His dad, Bryan Barber, explains, "He started to show signs of nerve muscular disorder; so his disease is limb girdle muscular dystrophy and it's an ultra rare form."

On New Year's Eve, Max was the first member of Achieve Tahoe to participate in the Squaw Valley Torchlight Parade, 

It was also a milestone for the organizations, which is the founding chapter of Disabled Sports USA. The adaptive sports program was started in 1967 to help Vietnam veterans cope with their disabilities and learn how to ski. Now, it has grown to branch out to people with varying disabilities including spinal injuries and muscular dystrophy. 

They do so with adaptive sports equipment like a 'sit ski' which Max uses to ski right along with everyone else. 

Watch the video above for his full story. 

If you'd like to learn more about Achieve Tahoe, click here.