Twenty-five families with the Children's Cabinet experienced a special Christmas celebration Saturday.

The non-profit partnered with the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority to put on a parade with planes, and bring presents to families in need.

"My girls love airplanes and airports," Reno resident Regina Haynes says. "They loved it. Yea, they were waving at everybody."

Haynes first came in contact with the Children's Cabinet in 2015, when she started looking after her three granddaughters.

"They were 7 weeks, one [year old] and two [years old] at the time," Haynes says. "Now they're three, four, and five, and I've recently adopted them."

Their mother and father were at the event, and are a part of their lives, but Haynes is the official guardian. She says it's likely they wouldn't be a family if it wasn't for Children's cabinet.

"I wouldn't have been able to afford child care," Haynes says. "I couldn't have brought the children home with me. They would've ended up in other homes. And without [the Children's Cabinet] I wouldn't to be able to continue to support and raise the kids and keep them in a really good child care center."

While the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and the Children's Cabinet are the main organizers, officials say the event would not be possible without all of their sponsors. The sponsors, a variety of businesses, organizations, groups, and even individuals, pick one family to buy presents and a Christmas tree for.

"This year we chose a Grandmom who has adopted her three grandchildren who are three, four and five years old," Sharon Spangler, a sponsor for the last four years, says about Haynes. "Can you imagine? It was really a lot of fun to go and buy them things."

Each family has their own wish list, and Spangler says buying all the toys was the best part. But she was happy to buy anything on their wish list.

"Unfortunately a lot of the things on their wish list are a lot of things we all take for granted," Spangler says. "Like basic clothing and things like that. So it just makes you feel good to be able to provide those necessities."

If you want to learn more about the Children's Cabinet or sign up to be a sponsor next year, you can visit their website here.