After years of planning, The Loop, is starting to take shape. Zeppelin is set to open its doors before Christmas.

"I can't even put into words," Anthony June, CEO of Loop said. "It's been about a 9-10 year process and this is exciting to actually bring this to the community."

June says the idea of The Loop came during the recession, with a plan to develop 20 acres on the northeast corner of South Meadows Pkwy and Double Diamond Pkwy for food and entertainment.

"We wanted to bring more stuff to south Reno because the number of homes that are growing and the population down here really needs some more activity and food and entertainment," June said.

Zeppelin is designated for people over the age of 21, and it will have more than 40 employees when it opens. The restaurant has an 84-foot bar, private dining room and conference rooms. The restaurant is intended to be upscale and inviting, with a variety dishes.

"Our overall Zeppelin theme is homage to World's Fairs throughout time," June said. "So we have large shareable plates that includes hamburgers and custom charcuterie plates and oysters and fresh seafood."

The restaurant got its name because of some of the architectural designs. There are large wood-framed decorations on the ceiling, which resemble the airships.

"The irony is that Ferdinand von Zeppelin, who created the Zeppelins actually debuted some stuff at the World's Fair, so the tie-in was just seamless," June said.

June announced the project in October, 2017. The plan was to open Zeppelin by the spring but that got put on hold. He says The Loop got so much positive interest that they started planning the rest of the property.

"We had 11 acres of The Loop that wasn't really planned out yet, so we took that time from October through most of the spring and summer to really lay out that entire plan," June said.

Zeppelin is just the first stage. While the resident is reserved for adults, another big project is on the way for the whole family.

"That's for date nights and birthday parties and stuff for people to kind of come and unwind and have their events and then the kids get to have the 60,000 square-foot space," June said.

Construction will begin on Rounders as soon as Zeppelin is complete. June says the venue will be similar to a Lucky Strike or Dave & Buster's.

"With its arcade and its ropes course, it's walk-up kitchen, this will be completely different in a couple months," June said.

The space surrounds Zeppelin, serving as a staging area for construction for now. Once it is complete, it will also have a bowling alley and roller skating rink. The ropes course will include a 125-foot zipline.

"This building is the anchor point for The Loop," June said. "It's currently 60,000 square feet. When we're done with it, it'll be 108,000 square feet."

June says about six other companies have signed contracts or leases to be a part of The Loop. The plan includes another Reno Sports Dome. Since that is such a large-scale project, he says it could take some time before that project gets underway.

"We don't want to rush it," June said. "We would rather slow it down and make sure that we're doing it right because we want to do this long-term."

He says they are planning different ways to fill the other 11 acres of property. He wants the entire Loop project to feel less like a strip mall and more like a park. He says the location is also good for people from all over the Truckee Meadows.

"Now with the SouthEast Connector, we can pull in a lot of people from Sparks and that stuff and really kind of mix it up for both communities," June said.

In 2017, the estimated price for The Loop was $30 million.