The Somersett neighborhood is known for its lavish Christmas decorations and holiday cheer, but this year, their homeowners association, known as the Somersett Owners' Association, has an issue with some of the decor.

Everywhere you look, you'll see Christmas decorations along Deerbrook Court.  However, a couple pieces in particular caught the eye of the SOA.

Somersett resident, Dan Rowan, and his neighbors, received a notice saying an inflatable Santa and large red "Joy" sign, violate SOA rules, by unapproved use of common area. 

Rowan says, "It did say, 'please remove decorations.' Terry Retter, Dan's friend and new SOA board member explains, "[There's] an issue, potentially, of liability and etc, which the board, or the administrators, take seriously."

Retter, said he doesn't want to speak for the SOA itself, but notes that the decorations are apparently placed on common areas near and on the cul-de-sac turnaround. But while the SOA isn't exactly joyful about the cul-de-sac's new decorations, Dan says he's not the one to blame." Dan says, "Elf on the Shelf is the only guy that did it."

Dan made this same claim, among other things, in his coy response to the SOA (you can see his full response below).

Dan says, "My response really was just to try to get a laugh out of my neighbors and my wife." 

He says he has yet to hear back from the association as of Wednesday, but adds that it's all in good fun, "We're trying not to deface it or anything, of course, too."

In recent years, neighbors have competed for the 'Neighborhood of Lights' title, a friendly competition for extravagant Christmas decorations.  Retter adds, "This neighborhood has been the leader in that for a long time."

Dan says rumor has it that the SOA complaint originally spawned from a decorating rival. However, he adds, "I don't believe in conspiracy theories, it's simply Elf on the Shelf."

Dan is willing to clean up after the elf, though. He adds, "If the SOA really slams their foot in the ground, I'll take them down and the joke's over; but until then, we're going to run with it."

Until then, the elf will continue his neighborhood watch. Dan adds, "Rumor has it that Elf on the Shelf is spreading around Somersett, so he just may throw more up, I don't know."

We reached out to the SOA for comment but have not yet heard back. 

There are also donation bins along the Deerbrook Court cul-de-sac to raise money for Toys for Tots and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

See Dan Rowan's full response to the SOA below: 

"Dear compliance director,

Thank you for your correspondence regarding a violation at my property. I'm comforted to know that there are eyes out there watching for these types of things. In this case, I think we are dealing with a situation that has a good bit of Christmas spirit behind their motive. It could be any number of suspects! The top of my list is Elf on the Shelf, he's mischievous by nature and I would seriously consider him a violator! It could be 'ol Saint Nick himself but I'm not as suspicious on this one, he's too busy getting ready for the big day!! I also wondered if it could be just the Christmas spirit itself trying to spread some 'JOY' and put a smile on a few faces this time of year. If this is the case we are going to have a heck of a time finding the 'spirit'. I'll set up some cameras :) One last thing to consider is a human being put it up and was hoping that a kid or two would ask their parents to drive by and have the Christmas spirit spread through our community. The cameras will catch this too!!! Let's keep an eye out together and form a team to crush this violator :) I look forward to working with you comrade!"