UPDATE: Residents in Lyon county voted on Tuesday, and it does not appear there will be a ban on brothels in the area.

Original Story: Opponents say a ban on brothels would not only put hundreds of people out of work, but also cost the county half a million in revenue each year.

But supporters of a ban say it’s necessary to curb issues like sex trafficking. They say they are happy to get their message out even if voters don’t approve the ban.

The brothel ban ballot question started as a petition initiative late last year. 

Over the summer the board of county commissioners agreed to put it on the ballot. 

It is an advisory question, so even if voters vote for or against the ban the board technically could still make the final decision. 

However, officials say the board historically sides with the will of voters. 

If the brothel ban does pass, Lyon County Manager Jeff Page says he'll meet with the district attorney Wednesday morning to decide the next steps. 

“Do we create an ordinance that rescinds the existing title and eliminate it tomorrow, or do we do it over a period of time, dealing with humanity and giving people notice that, hey you’re not going to have a job in six months?” 

Page says if the ban doesn’t pass those against the brothels could possibly go back to the petition process.

Possibly the biggest impact the ban could have on the county is that they generate about half a million dollars in revenue each year which go toward purchasing vehicles for the sheriff's office. 

Page says they'd have to reallocate funds from somewhere else in the county’s budget, if they lose that.