While the weather is rather quiet along the west coast, the Carolinas are experiencing hurricane force winds and tremendous flooding because of Hurricane Florence. Florence will move southwest Friday and then eventually turn northerly by the weekend bringing heaving rain and the potential for flooding across several states.

In Reno, things are rather dry despite a cold front moving through on Thursday. It did up our fire danger though because of gusty winds. Thanks to lots of dry air, a cooler air mass and light winds temperatures will be rather chilly Friday morning, but afternoon highs will be pleasant, right around 80 degrees. 

Temperatures Friday morning will range from the upper 20’s in Truckee, to the 30’s at Tahoe, low 40’s around Reno, and mid 40’s at the Reno Airport. Some places up in the Sierra could even have some frost Friday morning. Looking back at the last several years we usually see temperatures at or below 45 degrees at the Reno Airport by September. 

A cold front moved through Thursday and in its wake cooler air moved in. However, as the low slowly moves to the northeast, the cooler air will slowly move that way as well. A cold front is the leading edge of a change in temperature, and that’s why temperatures typically fall behind them. Behind the front a second dose of dry air has moved in as well.

On the other side of the country they are getting way too much rain, because of Hurricane Florence. Some spots in the Carolinas could pick up over 20 inches of rainfall by this weekend, which is not as bad as Harvey which produced over 50 inches of rainfall in spots, but is still enough to do lots of damage. Storm surge could top 10 feet in parts of the Carolinas, which could be catastrophic.

Storm surge is a huge wall of water that comes onshore as the wind drives it in. As of Thursday night at 8:30 Pacific time Florence has winds of 90mph and is a strong category 1 hurricane.

It’s important to know that a category 1 hurricane can be worse than a category 3 if there’s enough rain and storm surge. This is also a very slow moving storm which means the coast will get pummeled with heavy rain and strong winds for a long duration. 

For us, our seven day is rather tame with highs in the upper 70’s to the lower 80’s with lows in the 40’s. Fire danger increases Saturday as a trough moves through dry and kicks up our winds. Make sure to stay tuned to 2 News for more weather updates.